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Welcome to Seek Education, INC.

SEEK stands for Special Education for Exceptional Kids – and we provide service every bit as unique as the individuals we serve. SEEK Education is a Nonprofit, 501(c) organization that provides effective educational programs for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. We develop and implement programs guided by the principles and practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), to produce learning environments with documented effectiveness and results.

We are comprised of dedicated, passionate, and experienced professionals who work closely with parents and communities to develop learning programs that are unique to each individual. SEEK Education provides treatment for all stages of development, from early intervention to supported employment – so as an individual’s needs change, SEEK Education is there every step of the way.​

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Welcome To SEEK


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Prior to joining SEEK, I was with another company that had a high turnover rate of technicians. It was a blessing to find SEEK with their diligent staff and low turnover rate, since children with disabilities have a hard time adapting to changes. SEEK technicians have gone out of their way countless times in assisting our family on how to care for our daughter, often staying after hours and weekends....

Susie – Mom

“My son Daniel has had SEEK Education service for almost 7 years now, and we feel that the one-on-one support with the focus on behaviors at home and out in the community, has helped me as a mother. I have learned how the technicians communicate and redirect my son’s behavior quickly and naturally in a positive matter. We are so grateful for the services from SEEK that have let us continue to have for our 23 year old son living with us in a more stable family lifestyle. As long as Daniel c...

Rebecca – Mom

“I want to thank SEEK for improving our quality of life by helping Tiffany to achieve her goals. Before SEEK, we tried everything, but Tiffany made little progress. But SEEK’s DTT program really started a new journey for Tiffany—a journey to hope and success! Not only has Tiffany made a great progress through DTT program, she has also became a very happy girl. She gained a lot of skills that I as her mother never thought could happen. I want everyone to know that miracles happen with SEEK’s DTT ...

Rose – Mom

“The continued success of Cameron’s development is truly witness to the power and value of the SEEK program, and Parental Training model. Cameron’s growth and potential has been clearly met by the efforts of his team. SEEK Education involvement has been the best decision we made in our fight against the overwhelming debilitating diagnosis of autism. SEEK Education is a wonderful, caring, and helpful organization which will do everything in their power to educate, assist, and guide parents. Camer...

David – Dad

“When I saw my son’s behaviors, I would become depressed; but SEEK’s staff were not discouraged, they showed their great love, patience and expertise, and continued to teach him. A few months later, through their efforts, Justin began to trust them and his behaviors started to change. Now, more than a year later, everyone who works with him is a good friend; and because of the persistent efforts of SEEK’s staff, his behavior has improved. I am thankful for everyone in SEEK who works with Justin....

Danielle – Mom